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A Letter to White Ppl Who *HONESTLY* mean well

When I was growing up , my 3 best friends and I were so diverse that we playfully called ourselves “The Rainbow Coalition” - And yeah, in hindsight it was a pretty stupid ass name… But with an Asian from Vietnam, a Hispanic from Honduras, a White guy from Texas and a Black guy who was partially raised in Germany, it was more than appropriate. And now that I think of it… On occasion, our Cambodian friend would hang out with us too, so we were more like the “United Nations” instead of that “rainbow” shit.

Anyway, as diversified and as open minded as I may be… I’m not one of these people who make questionable statements like: “I don’t see color.” — I mean, come on now… Unless you are literally colorblind and can’t tell your reds from your blues, you can clearly see color.

But I do understand the meaning behind the whole “color-blind” defense… "I’m not a racist."

Aiiiiiiight… That’s cool :-/

But I actually believe that the biggest problem in America regarding race are not the racists, but the average, everyday people who fail to recognize that racism still exists.

It’s almost like they only understand the most extreme, blatant cases…

So they understand this…


And this…


But they can’t seem to understand that most of the racism today is subtle shit like this…


Or repeatedly being called a “refugee” in your own damn country…


(If you’re even alive to be called a “refugee” that is…)


But amazingly, too many people still refuse to acknowledge that racism even exists… Seriously, it’s like I hear excuses for everything:

HURRICANE KATRINA: "Those people should have LEFT! And what about Ray Nagin? Why didn’t HE do anything??? He’s Black isn’t he? Yeah, that’s what I thought… Case closed."

IMUS & KKKRAMER: “Oh please… Y’all call each other niggers and hoes all day long! Why can’t WE say it! You’re a hypocrite! Case closed!!!”
SLAVERY: "Oh my God… Move the fuck on and get the FUCK over it!!! It’s not our fault!!! Why are you complaining??? If it wasn’t for slavery, you wouldn’t be living so well in America right now would you? No you WOULDN’T!!! Case CLOSED Kunta!!!"

RACIAL PROFILING: “So what if a white cop pulled you over??? If you broke the law, that’s on you!!! If you don’t want a white cop to pull you over, then YOU need to start recruiting other races to join the cop force!!! Besides, white people get speeding tickets all the time!!! Damn!!! I swear, you people……. EVERYONE gets speeding tickets!!! This case was closed before you even OPENED it!!!”

RODNEY KING: "Awww shit… That nigga really WAS SPEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


(…And most of the people sayin’ this shit swear to GOD that they have "Black Friends.")

Okay, well if you’re really down with the homies…


Once we find out that you’re completely clueless…


Don’t be surprised if you’re left hangin…


Or even worse…


In all seriousness, with all the racial issues in the news lately, there should be no doubt that racism is alive and well…..

Leaving only the fact to remain that as long as we live in a country that will let a white man go free when he actually confesses to killing, be-heading, and chopping up his neighbor (Robert Durst) while sentencing a black woman to 2 years in prison for throwing a cup of ice out of a window (Jessica Hall), you know that we still have a long way to go.


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